One Direction vs. A Dinosaur

In our new One Direction vs. Series we will pit our 1D boys against a multitude of threats and challenges. Will Zayn, Harry, Niall, Liam or Louis have what it takes?

This week, the lads are up against the prehistoric beast that is a T-Rex:


If you’d like to contribute your own comic or have suggestions as to what you’d like them to verse next, please get in touch by commenting below.

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We’re back

After almost a two year break, the Z-lister site is back up and running; and boy what a break it’s been. Since our 2012 hiatus, there’s been four more series of Celebrity Big Brother, we’ve crowned multiple reality stars in other reality show. We’ve seen new shows crop up, like the the Jump, and others fizzle out, like the US X Factor. It’s been quite a ride and unfortunately we weren’t there to comment on it but fear not, we’ve returned and we’re better, bitchier and brighter than ever before. Look out Z-listers, you’re in trouble….

Stay tuned…


Made in Chelsea series 3 episode 1 review: this time it’s boring

Four months have passed since our last Chelsea instalment and with all the excitement of Christmas well and truly gone, it was with glee (the feeling not the programme) that I tuned into the opening episode of series three.


My initial excitement at seeing the familiar faces, places and titles quickly dwindled as the episode progressed. It was what could only be described as lack lustre, with no real thrills or drama filled moments to peak interest.

So what has the new year bought my favourite Chelsea residents? Continue reading

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The Wright fit

If the latest episode of Fresh Out of Essex wasn’t enough to convince you that Jessica Wright is running out of friends, then take a look at this:

Jessica Wright, Towie

Continue reading

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The Voice vs Britain’s Got Talent

Well that was it, the clash of the titans weekend is over; we can now rest easy until next Saturday. Sorry, just in case any of you don’t know what I’m talking about, it was only reality TV gold last night. Simon Cowell’s Britain’s Got Talent went head-to-head against the BBC’s new singing show The Voice.

Britain's got Talent, BGT, The Voice, vs, Jessie J, Simon Cowell,

We’re all familiar with Syco’s BGT format: there’s a stage and an audience, three four judges, buzzers and a menagerie of freaks and rejects to lace Simon’s pocket with dollar. Meanwhile, The Voice is another talent format with a difference, instead of image, the auditions are based purely on the contestants vocal abilities – essentially their voice. The participants go through a ‘blind audition,’ no this doesn’t mean that Stevie Wonder is a coach, the judges sit facing in the opposite direction from the contestants; meaning they cannot see the singer to judge them on aesthetics. The Beeb hijacked this concept from across the pond and follows the same structure as it’s American counterpart; and who couldn’t love that format with a US advert like this:

But the anticipation for the show, I’m afraid, far out weighed the actual premiere. The viewing figures may have been in the Beeb’s favour, culminating 8.9m against BGT’s 6.71m during their twenty minute overlap, but the BBC had only won the battle not the war. It promised to deliver a show that was completely different to the X Factor but, frankly, it failed. Continue reading

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EXCLUSIVE – Made in Chelsea Series three trailer

Finally, it’s back and looks like it promises to be with a bang. This is an exclusive look at the upcoming Made in Chelsea third series and sees the whole cast return in a frantic party. Let me know your opinions and stay tuned for the season review!

Make sure you use password: Chelsea 

If you need reminding of what’s been happening in London town, then check out our MIC season summary.

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13 reality stars with Disney doppelgängers

Christmas has come and gone, all over ’til next year now, but what better way to keep the festive spirit alive than with fairy-tale based banter. It’s become apparent that certain reality stars have Disney doppelgängers, many of them not looking out of place in Far Far Away Land. It’s about time they all got the credit they deserved, as being an elite Z-Lister requires you to look outlandish; trout pouts and bleached locks galore! You need that unique, other-worldly look if you want to be recognisable and succeed in the fickle world of fame. So, I present to you the unlucky 13:

Amy-Childs, Jessica-Rabbit, lookalike, disney

Amy Childs and Jessica Rabbit

I’ll be the first to admit that this resemblance is bleedin’ obvious but it just needs to be said. It’s clear that the ex-TOWIE star obviously idolises the Who Frame Roger Rabbit starlet; so much so, that she’s even designed a dress that matches Jessica’s almost exactly. The red flowing hair, the caked on makeup and over indulgence of glitter; the resemblance is, well it’s, uncanny. If only Jessica Rabbit had stopped off in Essex, she wouldn’t have got caught up in all that rabbit-based murder.

Continue reading

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Where are the X Factor rejects now?

I would like to say YAY *claps hands*as the author of Word on the Blog, I’m doing my first ever Guest Blog on Z-Lister! Here goes!

As the results loom for the semi-final of X Factor, we take a look back at the contestants that didn’t quite make it through to this week’s final and what they may (not really) possibly be up to now!

2shoes, X Factor

2 Shoes consisted of Charley and Lucy a blonde and a brunette from Essex! – riding on the fame of The Only Way Is Essex, there was a massive love for them. It’s a shame that their mentor Tulisa booted them out. Mind you, with the fact that one of them couldn’t finish a song without smudging her lipstick, I think it was best.

Where are they now? Well I do believe they are currently working with the directors of TOWIE and are working on their cameo appearance as well as organising the pinkest baby shower for the one that got knocked up. Continue reading

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My Transsexual Summer series summary

Taking a side step from the usual trashtastic reality shows, Channel 4’s My Transsexual Summer is a reality show that boasts gossip, but more importantly heart.

The show centres on seven transgender lads and ladies in various stages of their journey to becoming who they were meant to be. Upon hearing the title I thought this would be the usual reality fodder – a bunch of attention seeking nobodies trying to make the most of their five-minutes by being as ridiculous as possible. I envisioned a group of loud and proud transsexual youths in a beach house frolicking, fighting and generally lowering the IQ of the audience by the minute.


Image credit: Fox @  – please support the fundraiser 

So it was a happy surprise when I was greeted with something both heart warming, educational, and still full of personality. The show takes place over three months, (in surprise, surprise – summer!) opening with the lucky seven meeting in a house rented especially for them, it splits screen time between their weekends spent in the house and time spent in their everyday lives, around family and friends, with intimate chats revealing their fears and woes. Continue reading

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Who’s in Celebrity Big Brother 2012?

When Big Brother 2011 climaxed last month with ‘crowd fav’ Aaron scooping victory, I was distraught, my life became meaningless. There was no longer the allure of fresh Z-Listers being churned out, but wait, Brian Dowling had news. It turns out, Celebrity Big Brother would be back after Crimbo. And with that the rumour mill began!

Like always gossip is flying around like Dumbo on crack and it’s allegedly going to be the best lineup ever. Now, I’ve followed the BB formula and this list of rumoured celebs can, nay, will happen. 12 housemates – 6 girls and 6 boys, plus two special guests.

And while this is not a wish list or a confirmed list, it is certainly a possible list. I’m not asking for Beyonce to go in and give a live birth, or anything like that. These ‘celebs’ are definitely doable, they could all potentially be booked for the show. When was the last time you heard of any of them? So without further ado, I give you the 2012 Celeb BB housemates…

The Boys

Frankie Cocozza, Big Brother

Frankie Cocozza

Like everyone, I have a love/hate relationship with this boy and any BB executives would be foolish not to approach him for an appearance in the house. I mean, he fits the criteria perfectly. He hit rock bottom in a matter of weeks and what else has he honestly got to lose. He’s not only lost his place in X-Factor,  he lost the tour, his credibility, his sobriety and possibly his left nostril. The wannabe rockstar only has one hope to maintain his celebrity status and that’s to appear on any reality show that will have him. Continue reading

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