Is Arg ditching TOWIE too!

Since Amy Childs ditched her vajazzle gloves and left the TOWIE cast, it was only a matter of time before the rumour mill began. Now it seems that James Argent, aka Arg, could be leaving The Only Way Is Essex after a stressful shooting schedule. He’s recently tweeted about his disgruntled attitude towards the show and has been finding it stressful – could he be the next Essex local to bid farewell?


Arg hasn’t been making many friends on season 3 of TOWIE, when he sided with Mark after the spectacular split from Lauren, he’s isolated himself from the rest of the group. And fan disappointment that his wedding to Lydia Bright will be held off camera; it seems that the Essex boy has had enough of life on screen.

Cast mate Amy set her sights for all things reality and joined the Celebrity Big Brother house, could Arg be doing the same. Will he pursue his singing career and be a contestant on next years X Factor, that’s probably too long for him to be out the public eye, my money will be on him being the latest contestant on The Voice. James Argent’s potential exit couldn’t come at a better time with the TOWIE figures flagging and the opportunity to leave being at its peak. He should leave while he’s ahead.


He earn his rightful place on the Essex reality show at the start of season two, where he was bumped up to a regular cast member. Since then, Arg has entered our hearts as one of the most ‘relatable’ characters. Unfortunately for Arg, he entered our hearts but the burgers entered his stomach. He’s recently ballooned in weight, the grotesque beer gut can’t even be toned by handsome twin duo Dino and Georgio. Lets hope the next reality move for Arg is on a singing competition and not on Celebrity Fat Camp.


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2 thoughts on “Is Arg ditching TOWIE too!

  1. Dont go Arg i want Amy to come back

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