3 shows that need to be commissioned

With all the hype of the newly dubbed ‘The Only Way is Dalston‘ it seems that there’s no end to the reality show formula. But there’s some reality shows that I think producers are potentially missing out on. It seems the most popular approach to create a reality show is to mimic our reality lovers across the pond. What with Geordie Shore following Jersey Shore and Made in Chelsea a Brit copy of The Hills. There are three shows that just have so much potential;  why hasn’t anyone snapped up these ideas?!

Jodie Harsh’s Drag Race

Drag Race

There’s definitely an open market for sashaying trannies, we just don’t have enough reality shows about cross dressers! RuPaul’s Drag Race is the perfect American example of how to turn drab dudes into devilish divas. It follows numerous prima donna’s battling it out to become the best in their transgender field.  And who better to host the  British version of Drag Race then superstar DJ  Jodie Harsh.

Jodie Harsh is the perfect example of what a good weave and a little lippy can do for a gal. She’s worked her way up to the Soho elite and has a plethora of celeb pals, from Mark Ronson to Kate Moss. There wouldn’t be anyone better to show a bunch of fame-hungry queens how the diva world works. As far as looks go, the resemblance is uncannily similar to RuPaul’s with the obvious exception of skin tone. I give it a year before MTV snap up this idea, just remember you heard it here first!

Council Wives

To be honest, I’m surprised that a spin-off of Jeremy Kyle’s guests has not already been commissioned. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see the chavtastic contestants dodging taxes and knocking-up one another on their own home turf.  Council Wives would follow a similar format to the popular American show The Real Housewives Of… (random American state), the cameras would follow shameless arguments and family affairs. We’d already have some excellent job-dodgers lined-up in our reality star Z-list. Why not use everyone’s favourite X Factor family rejects the Chawners.

Chav family

They’ve already managed to retain their fame with stints on Lorraine Kelly and Big Brother’s Bit On The Side. Who wouldn’t love to see what antics they get up to behind closed doors? Well, probably no one. However, if we jazz the show up a bit like VH1’s American show Mob Wives – a show literally following crazy mobsters’ wives – then we could add a few drug dealers and prostitutes to Council Wives, literally making it a real life Shameless; TV GOLD!

reality Show
Duncan James’ Dudes and Boobs

Come on, who’s already bored of Channel 5’s The Bachelor? Who really wants to see another group of money grabbing hoochies? If we wanted to see that we could just tune into TOWIE. What really shakes up a show is sexuality – we want to see boys and girls both fighting for the same man. And who better to be up for the task than Blue band member Duncan James – let’s be fair, no one was shocked when he paraded out of the closet as bisexual. What better way to embrace his bisexuality then with a reality show.


Old Duncan’s cry for attention was recently leaked in the form of Grindr-esk phone pictures on a gay website. There’s no doubt he’d definitely be up for a little more attention. Dudes and Boobs would be just like US show A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila – where Tila tries out both sexes before selecting a mate. What better way for James to parade around topless and prolong his post-Eurovision fame. And as always these shows always offer great fights between love stricken wannabes. Will James be attracted to the lady garden or will he be tempted by some rippling pectorals? This show would find out.


I can’t wait to see what new reality shows the TV geniuses will come up with next. Just remember who put these Z-listers back on the map.

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