Reality strikes for M&S

It seems that M&S really have poor judgment when it comes to booking reality stars for their advertisement campaigns. With the new revelation that Frankie Cocozza, lets say, was a little out of ‘line’ . It seems that M&S are getting quite the reputation for hiring terrible Z-listers.

Bobby Sabel, M&S, Limited collection,

Earlier in the year they snapped up Celeb BB reject Bobby Sabel to be the front-man of their new Men’s Limited Collection – the range that hopes to open M&S up to the 16-25 market.  Sabel sure put on a vulgar display in the Big Brother house, perspiring into Mr Paparazzi’s drinking bottle. Let’s face it, this Z-list model would be more appropriate in the M&S café than on the catwalk. Let’s hope there’s not another episode of sweatgate when Sabel’s behind the till.  Disgusting.

And now it’s come to light that their multi-million pound deal withX Factor has backfired. Ousting Twiggy in favour of wannabe singers;  M&S thought they had it in the bag. But Cocozza’s ruined their new Christmas advert by binge drinking and sniffing lines of cocaine. They’ve quickly cut the X-Factor rock-star from their ad, trying to restore what little dignity they had, but is it too late for M&S?

I’ve got to admit Cocozza was the only thing I was excited about when I first heard that M&S were giving the X Factor hopefuls centre stage. I could visualise the reveal, Frankie  dropping his strides to showing his latest Twiggy tattoo. He’d look great surrounded by those St Michaels MILFs, wouldn’t you say?

Frankie Cocozza, M&S, advert,

But the mad-haired singer had to go and ruin my dreams of a trashy M&S ad by partying too hard. Now we’re just reduced to shrieky singing from the rest of the disastrous cast of the 2011 X Factor.

This is not the first time that Marks has lost a celeb to the white stuff. In 2007, they famously axed Strictly star and model Jodie Kidd. She was sent packing from their &More credit card campaign when she was outed by the NOTW for being a coke fiend.

Jodie Kidd, M&S, Coke,

M&S really know how to pick’em, if their not picking from the drunk and disorderly they’re just selecting the down-right boring reality fodder. I mean, ok, Myleene Klass is nice enough but, really now, she is just one of the most dreary women that’s ever been given the chance grace TV. Honestly, it was obviously an over-horned guy that picked her to front their lingerie after her performance on I’m a Celeb. That’s fine,  her fifteen minutes were extended by the show and M&S took advantage of it. What’s not fine, is booting out beautiful models Lily Cole and Erin O’Connor in exchange for beige Klass. I know time’s are hard M&S but stick to the A-list and not the Z-list.

Myleene Klass, M&S,

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