Is Alex playing the biggest BB game?

Alex Lee, she’s the air-headed air-hostess that everyone has grown to love but could she be playing the biggest Big Brother game of all?

Alex Lee, Big Brother,

Until recently, I loved this plastic fantastic wannabe Barbie doll. Really, what’s not to like? She has all the winning qualities of a BB winner – stupidity. However, upon watching a recent Youtube video of the favourite-to-win Z-lister I began to question whether everything was as it seems.

It appears that the so called McDonald’s worker calls herself a ‘glamour model,’ she aspires to be like ex-BB housemates and has been pictured in lad mags.  ‘Innocent’ Alex has got only one thing on her mind, fame. She openly admits in the video that she wants to be a reality star and it looks like ambitious Alex will do anything to get the notoriety she craves.

Her BB performance may prove a hindrance, after seeing her ‘yes’ challenge in the Big Brother house,  her promotional work for Fake Bake may be out the window. Receiving five spray tans in a row, she came out looking like Jodie Marsh’s leftovers. Somehow I think it’ll be a case of ‘don’t call us, we’ll call you’ from the fake tan company.

Alex Lee, Big Brother, Fake tan

The reality celeb has already appeared on Snog, Marry, Avoid appearing in two outfits, thankfully neither tragic ensembles have made an appearance on Big Brother. Her appearance on the makeover show just fuels my speculation that the orange star wants to find fame. She also claimed to have been in ITV2’s Liverpool’s Beautiful People – I Googled it, it doesn’t exist.

So with all this ammunition it furthers the dilemma, is this Big Brother star real? Or is she as fake as her tan? I really can’t tell, could she really have been acting that stupid for two months.  Well, they do attract some dummies in that house. Who can forget lovable, yet detestable,  Brian Belo who didn’t know who Shakespeare was. Stupid is more a winner than a chicken dinner.

Not as stupid as she seems, we may have seen glimpses of the real Alex Lee when she accidentally let slip that she stole from a blind woman! Honestly, is there any justifiable reason for that? Alex, she’s blind!

If Alex is playing the BB game she’s doing a very good job of it. She’s slipped under the radar for the first few weeks keeping herself quiet to avoid nominations. Then her foolish antiques have started to crop up and the public have seemingly warmed to her.

Alex Lee Barbie

She’s already started an unlikely romance with Tom. We all know that Alex is a giant fag hag; you only have to Google her to see her entourage of gays. But smooching the Mika look-alike in the bedroom is just too cringe worthy. Romances infamously keep you in the house but when it’s like watching your cousins kiss, well, it’s just plain wrong.

This enlightening Youtube video really has thrown me. Housemate Aaron has confirmed my suspicion with his in-depth diary room analysis. He’s said exactly what I’m thinking; that Alex is playing a very clever game. I suppose, most new housemates will play the game. The show is over a decade old and we all know what viewers like to watch and that’s gays, hunks and not overtly attractive females. So, if Alex has been paying attention over the years then she could adjust her personality to achieve her dream job.

She’s currently front runner but only time will tell if this was her reality plan all along.  Was she desperate enough to act all the way through or is she really that young n’ dumb? When she sashays out the house on Friday’s final we’ll find out. Will she be the new face of Barbie or the new face of Nuts?

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