13 reality stars with Disney doppelgängers

Christmas has come and gone, all over ’til next year now, but what better way to keep the festive spirit alive than with fairy-tale based banter. It’s become apparent that certain reality stars have Disney doppelgängers, many of them not looking out of place in Far Far Away Land. It’s about time they all got the credit they deserved, as being an elite Z-Lister requires you to look outlandish; trout pouts and bleached locks galore! You need that unique, other-worldly look if you want to be recognisable and succeed in the fickle world of fame. So, I present to you the unlucky 13:

Amy-Childs, Jessica-Rabbit, lookalike, disney

Amy Childs and Jessica Rabbit

I’ll be the first to admit that this resemblance is bleedin’ obvious but it just needs to be said. It’s clear that the ex-TOWIE star obviously idolises the Who Frame Roger Rabbit starlet; so much so, that she’s even designed a dress that matches Jessica’s almost exactly. The red flowing hair, the caked on makeup and over indulgence of glitter; the resemblance is, well it’s, uncanny. If only Jessica Rabbit had stopped off in Essex, she wouldn’t have got caught up in all that rabbit-based murder.

amanda harrington, aphrodite, Hercules, Disney, lookalike,

Amanda Harrington and Aphrodite

‘The Goddess of love’ – while this Hercules character faded into the background (hopefully much like Desperate Scousewives), there’s something to be said about the striking resemblance between the characters. It seems big hair, sunbed-burnt skin and scouse brows were all very trendy back in Grecian times too. However, unlike Aphrodite, Scousewives probably weren’t born from cut off genitals but you never know.

James Argent, Arg, The only way is essex, towie, disney, toystory, wheezy

Arg and Wheezy

A supporting character with an obsession for bow ties and singing. Wait, which one am I talking about? That’s actually not too clear. Hm, but what is clear is that Toy Story 2’s Wheezy and TOWIE’s Arg should do a duet together, they’d obviously get on like a house on fire. They could have Barbies and Essex girls dancing in the background together, which’ll probably not help the lookalike conundrum.

Janet Devlin, X Factor, Brave, Pixar,

Janet Devlin and ‘Bitch from Brave’

Upon first seeing the trailer for Pixar’s epic new film Brave, I was not filled with excitement, no, I was baffled by the choice of Disney’s new muse. As if we hadn’t had enough of the warbly singer on X Factor, we’re now going to have to sit through a 2012 movie with an animated Janet Devlin lookalike. Bring back monsters from wardrobes, it was much less traumatic.

BB, dirt sexy things, Dr-Joshua-Strongbear-Sweet, Atlantis, disney

BB and Dr Sweet

Yes, yes, yes, I’ll probably get into a lot of grief for this one (it’s like when every black girl ends up being Storm in X-men playground battles) but I just couldn’t resist the fact that BB is so striking. When you first see him in Dirty, Sexy Things you are struck by his unique look, his Adonis body and flawless face; now can you see the resemblance? No! Well I don’t care, BB stays and he looks like Dr Sweet from Atlantis; it’s not like I had a lot of characters to pick from

Chantelle houghton, Alex Reid, Enchanted, Troll, giselle

Chantelle Houghton & Alex Reid and Giselle & Troll

Chantelle and Alex getting together, come now, where have I seen this scene before. Now, let me think, oh yes! That’s right it was in the film Enchanted, when Princess Giselle was running away from the princess eating troll. Well, Alex Reid does gobble up a few too many Z-Listers.

dino and georgio, Towie, Tuck and Roll, Bugs Life,

Dino & Georgio and Tuck & Roll

Ah, the double acts, these two have a lot in common. Apart from being top heavy and shockingly small, both these pairs received minimal lines in both A Bug’s Life and TOWIE. Will we hear from either of these twin couples again, I doubt it.

Holly-Hagan, Orwen, witch, The Black Cauldron

Holly Hagan and Orwen

Big hair, big boobs, a foul temper and disgracing the opposite sex, yep that’s these two all right. Whilst you may not recognise both this Black Cauldron witch or the Geordie Shore housemate, there’s a lot to said for these two. Actually, wait, no there’s not they just look a like, that’s it.

Human beast, Fredrik Ferrier, Beauty and the Beast, Made in Chelsea,

Human Beast and Fredrik Ferrier

Like most, you were probably disappointed when you saw Beast transform into the questionable looking prince; and like most, you were probably disappointed when you saw Fredrik’s, from Made in Chelsea, face. Both extremely wealth and possibly both with a castle, Fredrik’s exchanged talking pots ‘n’ pans for eagles.

Charlotte La bouff, Gypsy bride, Frog Princess, My Big Fat gypsy Wedding,

Charlotte La Bouff and Gypsy Bride

A girl desperate to look and feel like a princess, there really isn’t much else to it. It’s well stated in My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding that these girls take in pictures of Disney characters to get their dream dress. But in The Princess and the Frog, support character Charlotte La Bouff is exactly like a gypsy bride requiring gown after gown until she looks perfect for her man.

The-matchmaker, kim-woodburn, Mulan, disney,

Kim Woodburn and The Matchmaker

Bossy and demanding with a thing for etiquette, the How Clean Is Your House star has been taking tips from Mulan’s Matchmaker. I’m telling you, Kim Woodburn needs her own spin-off show where she creates good marriage material and women suitable for carrying sons.

lucy mecklenburgh, Vanessa, Little Mermaid, seawitch,

Lucy Mecklenburgh and Vanessa

Now, I’m not saying that when every Essex girl looks in the mirror they see a hideous Sea Witch but I’ve never seen any of them without makeup, just sayin’. Ursula’s alter-ego Vanessa is much like one of the TOWIE cast, she’s just stealing men left, right and centre. Hussy.

yzma, Lorraine-Chase, the emperor's new groove, disney

Lorraine Chase and Yzma

I know this is cruel but there’s a startling similarity between the Emperor’s New Groove villainess and I’m a Celeb star Lorraine Chase. I think it stems from the eyelashes and works its way down to the neck. But, don’t be offended Lorraine, Yzma is awesome and you should steal her shape-shifting animal formula to make a menagerie of teddy bears.

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  1. i had to follow you after this post, absolutely hilarious haha

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