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Made in Chelsea series 3 episode 1 review: this time it’s boring

Four months have passed since our last Chelsea instalment and with all the excitement of Christmas well and truly gone, it was with glee (the feeling not the programme) that I tuned into the opening episode of series three.


My initial excitement at seeing the familiar faces, places and titles quickly dwindled as the episode progressed. It was what could only be described as lack lustre, with no real thrills or drama filled moments to peak interest.

So what has the new year bought my favourite Chelsea residents? Continue reading

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EXCLUSIVE – Made in Chelsea Series three trailer

Finally, it’s back and looks like it promises to be with a bang. This is an exclusive look at the upcoming Made in Chelsea third series and sees the whole cast return in a frantic party. Let me know your opinions and stay tuned for the season review!

Make sure you use password: Chelsea 

If you need reminding of what’s been happening in London town, then check out our MIC season summary.

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Made in Chelsea – the series so far

Following the success of ITV’s TOWIE, the big bosses at E4 decided to get in on the action; No stranger to the reality show they knew they had to bring something similar enough to steal the audience but different enough to generate higher interest, thus Made In Chelsea was born.

Far from the common tanned trollops of Essex, MIC is set, as the title suggests, in Chelsea, West London’s wealthy hot spot. However, don’t let the beautiful locations and obvious piles of money spent per episode fool you: MIC showcases a cast just as vacuous and entirely unbelievable as their fellows in Essex; and they’re just as enjoyable to watch, if not more so in my opinion.


Made In Chelsea strutted its way onto our screens May 2011, opening with a vapid soliloquy by main cast member Caggie Dunlop (whose constant nose flaring pouts are enough to drive a nun to homicide), the last line of which is the only worth quoting, “In Chelsea the truth is more fabulous than fiction. This is our life.” Continue reading