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Why Michelle Visage entering Celebrity Big Brother is the best thing to happen to Drag Race


Finally, Britain truly gets to see the wonder that is RuPaul’s Drag Race and the spectacle that is Michelle Visage. Her entry into the Celebrity Big Brother house is nothing short of monumental for the show. As you may or may not know, super-fan Jonathan Ross has bought the rights to create a UK version of Drag Race. His original plan, as reported by many media outlets, was to have Jodie Harsh host the show – Z-lister predicted four years’ ago. However, anyone that listens to Michelle and RuPaul’s podcast, What’s the T, could see Michelle had another opinion.

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13 reality stars with Disney doppelgängers

Christmas has come and gone, all over ’til next year now, but what better way to keep the festive spirit alive than with fairy-tale based banter. It’s become apparent that certain reality stars have Disney doppelgängers, many of them not looking out of place in Far Far Away Land. It’s about time they all got the credit they deserved, as being an elite Z-Lister requires you to look outlandish; trout pouts and bleached locks galore! You need that unique, other-worldly look if you want to be recognisable and succeed in the fickle world of fame. So, I present to you the unlucky 13:

Amy-Childs, Jessica-Rabbit, lookalike, disney

Amy Childs and Jessica Rabbit

I’ll be the first to admit that this resemblance is bleedin’ obvious but it just needs to be said. It’s clear that the ex-TOWIE star obviously idolises the Who Frame Roger Rabbit starlet; so much so, that she’s even designed a dress that matches Jessica’s almost exactly. The red flowing hair, the caked on makeup and over indulgence of glitter; the resemblance is, well it’s, uncanny. If only Jessica Rabbit had stopped off in Essex, she wouldn’t have got caught up in all that rabbit-based murder.

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3 shows that need to be commissioned

With all the hype of the newly dubbed ‘The Only Way is Dalston‘ it seems that there’s no end to the reality show formula. But there’s some reality shows that I think producers are potentially missing out on. It seems the most popular approach to create a reality show is to mimic our reality lovers across the pond. What with Geordie Shore following Jersey Shore and Made in Chelsea a Brit copy of The Hills. There are three shows that just have so much potential;  why hasn’t anyone snapped up these ideas?!

Jodie Harsh’s Drag Race

Drag Race

There’s definitely an open market for sashaying trannies, we just don’t have enough reality shows about cross dressers! RuPaul’s Drag Race is the perfect American example of how to turn drab dudes into devilish divas. It follows numerous prima donna’s battling it out to become the best in their transgender field.  And who better to host the  British version of Drag Race then superstar DJ  Jodie Harsh. Continue reading

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