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We’re back

After almost a two year break, the Z-lister site is back up and running; and boy what a break it’s been. Since our 2012 hiatus, there’s been four more series of Celebrity Big Brother, we’ve crowned multiple reality stars in other reality show. We’ve seen new shows crop up, like the the Jump, and others fizzle out, like the US X Factor. It’s been quite a ride and unfortunately we weren’t there to comment on it but fear not, we’ve returned and we’re better, bitchier and brighter than ever before. Look out Z-listers, you’re in trouble….

Stay tuned…


Welcome to Z-lister

Welcome, can I have your attention please, let me start by introducing a brand new site that ┬áis devoted to reality television. This is a place for inane chatter about a topic that divides even the closest of friends – the love (or hate) of trash TV.

So why have yet another gossip site, I hear you ask. Well, why should the major TV networks create these ‘stars,’ glorify them, and then spit them out on the other side; spiraling them down further into celebrity obscurity. What will these people do to retain their moment with the stars? The Z-Lister is everything that these reality stars want – more buzz. It’s a site that idolises reality stars into godlike deities, letting us mere nobodies get a glimmer into their tragic lives.

Join us here for the latest chat and goss, I mean, wouldn’t you like to know what’s happened to our past reality stars? They’re still on the celeb list, the Z-list in fact (I cringed too). These celebs have opened their lives to us; isn’t it only fair that we honour them with the notoriety they deserve? Where are some of our favourite reality stars doing now? What has happened to the likes of Nadia Almond, Big Brother tranny, or camptastic X-Factor group Diva Fever? Well, we hope to uncover what happens to the Z-listers after their stardom has ceased. Not only this, we’ll examine who the greatest upcoming reality stars really are. And give you the latest reviews, news and gossip on the world of reality.

Stick with us and we’ll show you the stars, even if they are on the verge of a supernova-esk death. What fun!

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Coming soon….

Coming soon the reality star gossip and comment site. Stay tuned.

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