Who’s in Celebrity Big Brother 2012?

When Big Brother 2011 climaxed last month with ‘crowd fav’ Aaron scooping victory, I was distraught, my life became meaningless. There was no longer the allure of fresh Z-Listers being churned out, but wait, Brian Dowling had news. It turns out, Celebrity Big Brother would be back after Crimbo. And with that the rumour mill began!

Like always gossip is flying around like Dumbo on crack and it’s allegedly going to be the best lineup ever. Now, I’ve followed the BB formula and this list of rumoured celebs can, nay, will happen. 12 housemates – 6 girls and 6 boys, plus two special guests.

And while this is not a wish list or a confirmed list, it is certainly a possible list. I’m not asking for Beyonce to go in and give a live birth, or anything like that. These ‘celebs’ are definitely doable, they could all potentially be booked for the show. When was the last time you heard of any of them? So without further ado, I give you the 2012 Celeb BB housemates…

The Boys

Frankie Cocozza, Big Brother

Frankie Cocozza

Like everyone, I have a love/hate relationship with this boy and any BB executives would be foolish not to approach him for an appearance in the house. I mean, he fits the criteria perfectly. He hit rock bottom in a matter of weeks and what else has he honestly got to lose. He’s not only lost his place in X-Factor,  he lost the tour, his credibility, his sobriety and possibly his left nostril. The wannabe rockstar only has one hope to maintain his celebrity status and that’s to appear on any reality show that will have him. Continue reading

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Desperate Scousewives Review

With all the hype and excitement that surrounded E4’s new reality show, I’ve got to admit, I was a little elated that I’d have a brand new batch of Z-listers to obsess over.  But upon first watching this new TOWIE copy my initial reaction, other than wanting to stab my ears with knitting needles at the travesty of their accents, was that of nausea at the utter cringe of it all. Desperate Scousewives brings together bad acting, bad characters and bad voices in what can only be described as a catastrophe.

scousewives, desperate,

What makes the reality formula so successful is the ability to relate to a character and a natural curiosity into someone else’s life. But last I checked, no one ever wanted to know what Liverpool was doing. We were happy in the knowledge that it was there, and that was enough.

But the main issue with show is the one dimension of these Liverpudlians, honestly, no one cares that there’s been another one-night stand in the Liverpool vicinity, it happens every Satuday night; it’s hardly a news flash. Continue reading

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Is Alex playing the biggest BB game?

Alex Lee, she’s the air-headed air-hostess that everyone has grown to love but could she be playing the biggest Big Brother game of all?

Alex Lee, Big Brother,

Until recently, I loved this plastic fantastic wannabe Barbie doll. Really, what’s not to like? She has all the winning qualities of a BB winner – stupidity. However, upon watching a recent Youtube video of the favourite-to-win Z-lister I began to question whether everything was as it seems.

Continue reading

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Reality strikes for M&S

It seems that M&S really have poor judgment when it comes to booking reality stars for their advertisement campaigns. With the new revelation that Frankie Cocozza, lets say, was a little out of ‘line’ . It seems that M&S are getting quite the reputation for hiring terrible Z-listers.

Bobby Sabel, M&S, Limited collection,

Earlier in the year they snapped up Celeb BB reject Bobby Sabel to be the front-man of their new Men’s Limited Collection – the range that hopes to open M&S up to the 16-25 market.  Sabel sure put on a vulgar display in the Big Brother house, perspiring into Mr Paparazzi’s drinking bottle. Let’s face it, this Z-list model would be more appropriate in the M&S café than on the catwalk. Let’s hope there’s not another episode of sweatgate when Sabel’s behind the till.  Disgusting.

Continue reading

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A fresh dose of reality from E4

Are we already sick of TOWIE and MIC? Well, it doesn’t seem to matter to E4 who are introducing yet another line-up of trashy shows this Winter. They’re bringing some of reality TV’s best loved shows back and introducing a brand new location-based ‘documentary.’ It’s time to turn those telly boxes on and catch all the drama and hijinks from the 2011 additions of Shipwrecked, Tool Academy and Desperate Scousewives!

Shipwrecked 2011, cast

Shipwrecked started this week on E4 and is due to repeat on T4 this weekend. After a two year hiatus, it brings back all the over-exposed flesh that we know and love. The show made famous such celebs as Jeff Brazier, and this cast of nobodies hopes to emulate his success. For those of you who don’t know, Shipwrecked  is set on a ‘deserted’ island (obviously excluding the film crew) bringing together handsome hunks and beautiful babes in a leadership battle to win a cash prize. Like most reality shows it has romance, drama and a complete disregard for sun protection. Continue reading

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Made in Chelsea – the series so far

Following the success of ITV’s TOWIE, the big bosses at E4 decided to get in on the action; No stranger to the reality show they knew they had to bring something similar enough to steal the audience but different enough to generate higher interest, thus Made In Chelsea was born.

Far from the common tanned trollops of Essex, MIC is set, as the title suggests, in Chelsea, West London’s wealthy hot spot. However, don’t let the beautiful locations and obvious piles of money spent per episode fool you: MIC showcases a cast just as vacuous and entirely unbelievable as their fellows in Essex; and they’re just as enjoyable to watch, if not more so in my opinion.


Made In Chelsea strutted its way onto our screens May 2011, opening with a vapid soliloquy by main cast member Caggie Dunlop (whose constant nose flaring pouts are enough to drive a nun to homicide), the last line of which is the only worth quoting, “In Chelsea the truth is more fabulous than fiction. This is our life.” Continue reading

3 shows that need to be commissioned

With all the hype of the newly dubbed ‘The Only Way is Dalston‘ it seems that there’s no end to the reality show formula. But there’s some reality shows that I think producers are potentially missing out on. It seems the most popular approach to create a reality show is to mimic our reality lovers across the pond. What with Geordie Shore following Jersey Shore and Made in Chelsea a Brit copy of The Hills. There are three shows that just have so much potential;  why hasn’t anyone snapped up these ideas?!

Jodie Harsh’s Drag Race

Drag Race

There’s definitely an open market for sashaying trannies, we just don’t have enough reality shows about cross dressers! RuPaul’s Drag Race is the perfect American example of how to turn drab dudes into devilish divas. It follows numerous prima donna’s battling it out to become the best in their transgender field.  And who better to host the  British version of Drag Race then superstar DJ  Jodie Harsh. Continue reading

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Is Arg ditching TOWIE too!

Since Amy Childs ditched her vajazzle gloves and left the TOWIE cast, it was only a matter of time before the rumour mill began. Now it seems that James Argent, aka Arg, could be leaving The Only Way Is Essex after a stressful shooting schedule. He’s recently tweeted about his disgruntled attitude towards the show and has been finding it stressful – could he be the next Essex local to bid farewell?


Arg hasn’t been making many friends on season 3 of TOWIE, when he sided with Mark after the spectacular split from Lauren, he’s isolated himself from the rest of the group. And fan disappointment that his wedding to Lydia Bright will be held off camera; it seems that the Essex boy has had enough of life on screen.

Cast mate Amy set her sights for all things reality and joined the Celebrity Big Brother house, could Arg be doing the same. Will he pursue his singing career and be a contestant on next years X Factor, that’s probably too long for him to be out the public eye, my money will be on him being the latest contestant on The Voice. James Argent’s potential exit couldn’t come at a better time with the TOWIE figures flagging and the opportunity to leave being at its peak. He should leave while he’s ahead. Continue reading

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Welcome to Z-lister

Welcome, can I have your attention please, let me start by introducing a brand new site that  is devoted to reality television. This is a place for inane chatter about a topic that divides even the closest of friends – the love (or hate) of trash TV.

So why have yet another gossip site, I hear you ask. Well, why should the major TV networks create these ‘stars,’ glorify them, and then spit them out on the other side; spiraling them down further into celebrity obscurity. What will these people do to retain their moment with the stars? The Z-Lister is everything that these reality stars want – more buzz. It’s a site that idolises reality stars into godlike deities, letting us mere nobodies get a glimmer into their tragic lives.

Join us here for the latest chat and goss, I mean, wouldn’t you like to know what’s happened to our past reality stars? They’re still on the celeb list, the Z-list in fact (I cringed too). These celebs have opened their lives to us; isn’t it only fair that we honour them with the notoriety they deserve? Where are some of our favourite reality stars doing now? What has happened to the likes of Nadia Almond, Big Brother tranny, or camptastic X-Factor group Diva Fever? Well, we hope to uncover what happens to the Z-listers after their stardom has ceased. Not only this, we’ll examine who the greatest upcoming reality stars really are. And give you the latest reviews, news and gossip on the world of reality.

Stick with us and we’ll show you the stars, even if they are on the verge of a supernova-esk death. What fun!

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Coming soon….

Coming soon the reality star gossip and comment site. Stay tuned.

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