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The Voice vs Britain’s Got Talent

Well that was it, the clash of the titans weekend is over; we can now rest easy until next Saturday. Sorry, just in case any of you don’t know what I’m talking about, it was only reality TV gold last night. Simon Cowell’s Britain’s Got Talent went head-to-head against the BBC’s new singing show The Voice.

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We’re all familiar with Syco’s BGT format: there’s a stage and an audience, three four judges, buzzers and a menagerie of freaks and rejects to lace Simon’s pocket with dollar. Meanwhile, The Voice is another talent format with a difference, instead of image, the auditions are based purely on the contestants vocal abilities – essentially their voice. The participants go through a ‘blind audition,’ no this doesn’t mean that Stevie Wonder is a coach, the judges sit facing in the opposite direction from the contestants; meaning they cannot see the singer to judge them on aesthetics. The Beeb hijacked this concept from across the pond and follows the same structure as it’s American counterpart; and who couldn’t love that format with a US advert like this:

But the anticipation for the show, I’m afraid, far out weighed the actual premiere. The viewing figures may have been in the Beeb’s favour, culminating 8.9m against BGT’s 6.71m during their twenty minute overlap, but the BBC had only won the battle not the war. It promised to deliver a show that was completely different to the X Factor but, frankly, it failed. Continue reading

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