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Where are the X Factor rejects now?

I would like to say YAY *claps hands*as the author of Word on the Blog, I’m doing my first ever Guest Blog on Z-Lister! Here goes!

As the results loom for the semi-final of X Factor, we take a look back at the contestants that didn’t quite make it through to this week’s final and what they may (not really) possibly be up to now!

2shoes, X Factor

2 Shoes consisted of Charley and Lucy a blonde and a brunette from Essex! – riding on the fame of The Only Way Is Essex, there was a massive love for them. It’s a shame that their mentor Tulisa booted them out. Mind you, with the fact that one of them couldn’t finish a song without smudging her lipstick, I think it was best.

Where are they now? Well I do believe they are currently working with the directors of TOWIE and are working on their cameo appearance as well as organising the pinkest baby shower for the one that got knocked up. Continue reading

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Who’s in Celebrity Big Brother 2012?

When Big Brother 2011 climaxed last month with ‘crowd fav’ Aaron scooping victory, I was distraught, my life became meaningless. There was no longer the allure of fresh Z-Listers being churned out, but wait, Brian Dowling had news. It turns out, Celebrity Big Brother would be back after Crimbo. And with that the rumour mill began!

Like always gossip is flying around like Dumbo on crack and it’s allegedly going to be the best lineup ever. Now, I’ve followed the BB formula and this list of rumoured celebs can, nay, will happen. 12 housemates – 6 girls and 6 boys, plus two special guests.

And while this is not a wish list or a confirmed list, it is certainly a possible list. I’m not asking for Beyonce to go in and give a live birth, or anything like that. These ‘celebs’ are definitely doable, they could all potentially be booked for the show. When was the last time you heard of any of them? So without further ado, I give you the 2012 Celeb BB housemates…

The Boys

Frankie Cocozza, Big Brother

Frankie Cocozza

Like everyone, I have a love/hate relationship with this boy and any BB executives would be foolish not to approach him for an appearance in the house. I mean, he fits the criteria perfectly. He hit rock bottom in a matter of weeks and what else has he honestly got to lose. He’s not only lost his place in X-Factor,  he lost the tour, his credibility, his sobriety and possibly his left nostril. The wannabe rockstar only has one hope to maintain his celebrity status and that’s to appear on any reality show that will have him. Continue reading

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Reality strikes for M&S

It seems that M&S really have poor judgment when it comes to booking reality stars for their advertisement campaigns. With the new revelation that Frankie Cocozza, lets say, was a little out of ‘line’ . It seems that M&S are getting quite the reputation for hiring terrible Z-listers.

Bobby Sabel, M&S, Limited collection,

Earlier in the year they snapped up Celeb BB reject Bobby Sabel to be the front-man of their new Men’s Limited Collection – the range that hopes to open M&S up to the 16-25 market.  Sabel sure put on a vulgar display in the Big Brother house, perspiring into Mr Paparazzi’s drinking bottle. Let’s face it, this Z-list model would be more appropriate in the M&S café than on the catwalk. Let’s hope there’s not another episode of sweatgate when Sabel’s behind the till.  Disgusting.

Continue reading

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