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My Transsexual Summer series summary

Taking a side step from the usual trashtastic reality shows, Channel 4’s My Transsexual Summer is a reality show that boasts gossip, but more importantly heart.

The show centres on seven transgender lads and ladies in various stages of their journey to becoming who they were meant to be. Upon hearing the title I thought this would be the usual reality fodder – a bunch of attention seeking nobodies trying to make the most of their five-minutes by being as ridiculous as possible. I envisioned a group of loud and proud transsexual youths in a beach house frolicking, fighting and generally lowering the IQ of the audience by the minute.


Image credit: Fox @ salutehq.com  – please support the fundraiser 

So it was a happy surprise when I was greeted with something both heart warming, educational, and still full of personality. The show takes place over three months, (in surprise, surprise – summer!) opening with the lucky seven meeting in a house rented especially for them, it splits screen time between their weekends spent in the house and time spent in their everyday lives, around family and friends, with intimate chats revealing their fears and woes. Continue reading

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